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Feb. 11th, 2005 @ 09:21 pm

so hungry.

Current Mood: rejectedin pain
Current Music: the world's smallest violin

We Win!!! Feb. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:31 pm
The ninja war is over, and against all odds...


It turns out that the clan that we were in a war with (ninjas), had died out over two years ago...

So we win by default.

Great work Hungry Asians.
Current Mood: amusedNin-Fucking-Tastic

Jan. 28th, 2005 @ 07:20 pm
Holy Krap!!

Ninja siting: online.

episode 1 is pretty friggin hilarious (no ninjas though). but episode 2 and eps 3 definately has a ninja in it! I'm going to watch the other eps to find if there are any more (which there probably are).

Listen Up Hungry Asians!!! Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 08:37 pm
We are now rivals of the ninjas community and we are going to send them to ninja hell...

We may not have the food they do...

We may not have the same number of people...

We may not have been around as long as they have...

I'm sorry I don't know where I'm going with this.
Current Mood: sleepyI'm just pretending to sleep.
Current Music: The (ninja) Wall by Ninja Floyd and the Ninjets

Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 05:09 pm
If you don't like ninjas... eventually your going to get your ass kicked by one. So if you don't already think ninjas are tottally sweet, then you better start you prick. Just a fair warning.
Current Mood: surprisedninja-tastic
Other entries
» Ninja Experience: The Movie Ninja
I was at the movie theatreer and as I was watching a movie when a ninja appeared onscreen. This was not a ninja movie so I was obviosly puzzled. Then, the ninja lept through the screen and into the theaterre. The ninja landed on top of a person and everyone around the ninja died. Except for the guy the ninja landed on...he lived somehow. The ninja then went right for the exit and after the shock faded away, I noticed that he had stolen everyone's popcorn. Everyone seemed to be more pissed about losing their popcorn than watching the ninja kill those people. At least the ninja didn't steal my snow kaps...
» Ima cut-you.
No, seriously. Ima cut you hard. With my Shadow Blade, that looks like a shuriken and acts like a boomerang. Now excuse me while I go play with the equalizer.
I'd like to welcome all of the new members to the hungry asians, but if you want to stay in the hungry asians you will need to pull your weight(which isn't much if you're truly a hungry asian)

Please post and classify any ninjas that you encounter and or any ninja type situations.(see examples)

Today I was walking home from school and some guy flipped out of my neighbors house in a samarai suit.

This is a good example because even though samarai's are not as cool as ninjas, they are still put in ninja type situations.

I got a bad grade from my teacher who happens to be a panda.

This is a bad example because even though pandas have been known to be ninjalic mammals, this is not a ninja type situation.

Good Luck,
Big Hot Carl(One very hungry asian)
» Perhaps less freakin' hard
Let me just say that hungry asians=koolest name ever. That's right up there in ultimate namedom with elmo's_crackbaby. You know what that means? That means HOLY KRAP.

To big_hot_carl: nice game but please make the tree a little less difficult. I kan't even IMAGINE how hard it would be on...well, hard.


"What are you doing? Only the ninjas will play the game! You go away and die!"
Diffrent types of Ninjas
by Big Hot Carl

These are the ninjas who kan walk into a bar, tell a funny joke, and then kill everyone without breaking a sweat. These Ninjas are the ideal ninja for house partys and Cancoon, Mexico.

These are ninjas that kan never stop talking. They are also very clumsy and often trip over things like small animals, their feet, and Sandra Bullock(They just seem to attract to her like magnets)

This is not a real klass of ninjas...
If you read this than I am dissapointed because you should know that all ninjas are killer ninjas.

This ninja is always posing or dressing up rather than flipping and Kooking things.

THE CHARLES NINJA(unconfirmed)
It is belived that the Charles ninja is the most deadly of all ninji. He is belived to have infinate patience and waits for the oppurtune moment to attack.

This ninja is a big fan of channel 34 (The Home and Gardening Network) and loves to garden. If you trample this ninja's gardening he will kill you where you stand(and then move your body because it is smashing the plants you trampled)

This ninja works as an accountant by day and ninja by night...
They can do your taxes and kill you at the same time
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